10 Ways to make every day Earth Day

10 Ways to make every day Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and people around the world are taking action to show their support.  Children in India are planting new saplings, volunteers in Argentina are performing beach cleanups and youth in Seoul Korea will participate in a flash mob of dance to celebrate the occasion.

No matter where you live, where you are from or what ideals you subscribe to, this day is so special because it unites all of humanity out of the common respect for the earth that we all share.  And this movement that started 43 years ago has grown to inspire real change that extends beyond this day and into the daily lives of those who recognize that protecting the natural world means preserving the health of the future for our children.

Here are 10 actions you can take in your everyday life to make every day Earth day!

1.  Recycle.

2.  Reduce your consumption.

3.  Upcycle and Repurpose household objects and furniture into creative custom collectibles.

4.  Eat seasonally.

5.  Eat sustainably.

6.  Reduce your carbon footprint.

7.  Reduce your plastic footprint.

8.  Create your own natural DIY remedies and solutions.

9.  Skip meat once a week.

10.  Be informed about the health, environmental and social impacts of the products that you purchase.

Find out how to get involved in today’s events here!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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