5 Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

 As most of you know, last week I announced that I was pregnant with my first child and I absolutely could not be more excited. I was never one of those women who always knew they were destined to become a mother. I was actually kind of a skeptic until I met my husband Mark and the rest was history. So this past summer, we removed the goalie and 3 months later for my 31st birthday, voila!
 I am 19 weeks along and so far everything seems to be exactly the way that everyone spells out. The first trimester was absolutely miserable! Which I guess is a good thing because the first words out of my nurse practitioners mouth was “Do you feel like $#@*?” When I frantically nodded my head in affirmation she was delighted! “Great she said, that means everything is going smoothly!” I must applaud her straightforward and bold approach because it has been those few words of encouragement that got me through that first 3 months of 24 hr nausea and a strict diet of toast and plain noodles with butter (My former self would have rejoiced at the thought of a carb-loaded diet, but it gets old quick!).
 With the laundry list of pills, remedies, herbs, exercises, and foods that you cannot partake in while pregnant, I have become a devout researcher of natural remedies to make it through T1 (short for First Trimester). Hopefully my list will help any ailing mom-to-be’s who are struggling with this new found presence in their body as much as I am.
  1. Stay-hydrated: This is a simple way to head off nausea at the pass. I always keep one bottle of water in my purse and another in my car. If you are not a water lover there are tons of great flavor enhancers such as MiO , or my favorite already flavored water, Hint . During pregnancy you are supposed to be drinking twice your normal amount of fluids, so eating water-rich fruits and veggies can also be a great way to make sure you are staying hydrated.
  2. Small and frequent meals: Although nutritionists have been telling me this weight loss trick for years, I have never felt it was more important than in the last few months. Eating 6 smaller and more frequent meals instead of the normal 3 makes a huge difference in morning sickness. The main reason being that low blood sugar can be a big contributor to nausea, so keep bars and snacks close by. The other huge reason for me to keep it light is that I am already feeling really bloated, so large meals would contribute to my unease, mid-day fatigue and also leads to constipation. I always regret when I overindulge!
  3. Avoid strong smells that trigger nausea: Many women experience a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy that can definitely contribute to the queasy tummy syndrome. This new found super-power of mine has lead to many mad dashes to the car if near a gas station or large chain restaurant emitting cooking smells. Next time the super-power fairy comes to town I would like to exchange my bionic sense of smell for the ability to fly, thank you very much. Check out this article on more gag-worthy smells from Babycenter.com.
  4. Ginger: Oh sweet ginger, how I love thee. Whether it is herbal ginger tea, ginger ale, or just simply chewing on a raw piece of ginger root (look in the sushi section of many grocery marts) this is always a popular remedy for nausea. Try sticking to the pure ginger ale that does have all the high fructose corn syrup in it, but definitely keep it permanently on the grocery list.
  5. Outdoors: For me, there is nothing like getting outside and breathing some fresh air to help lift morning sickness. Me, my dog Ranger, and my iPod usually go for a mid morning hike to get the endorphins going and the blood pumping. This simple act of taking your mind off your stomach and soaking in some much needed nature can really pay off.

The best scenery to take my mind of my tummy!

My dog, Ranger, waiting patiently for me to throw the ball!


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  1. Kathryn says:

    Morning sickness is one of my biggest fears in life. I’m keeping this handy for the future! 😉 Thanks Valen

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