Air Travel Tips: Save your Wallet and your Waistline


I have been very lucky over the last few years to have the opportunity to do a lot of traveling.  From sleeping on the floor of Gatwick airport as construction workers cut up the concrete floors with a jackhammer next to my head to showering in an airport in Hamburg using a handryer to dry my hair, I am what I would call a seasoned traveler.  As such, I found a few tricks that have helped me avoid overspending and overindulging in airports around the world.

1.  BYOB – Bring Your Own Bottle! (reusable water bottle that is) to fill up once you are in the airport.  Bottled water in airports is overwhelmingly overpriced and it is important to stay hydrated especially when flying.  Most airport restaurants have fountain dispensers and will let you fill up your bottle with water and ice if you like.

2.  Reuse!  Keep the cup they served your soda in and ask for a refill instead of using a new one.

3.  Stock up on healthy snacks!  Apples and almonds are healthy, filling and don’t take up much space.  And they will save you from overspending on less than appealing airport/airplane food.

4.  Download your distraction!  Whether it be music, magazine or a movie, make sure to prepare before you are at the airport to avoid having to buy them en route which always adds up.

5.  Sleep on the plane!  Try a low dose of melatonin which is a natural sleep aid to soothe you into slumber.

6.  Skip the alcohol!  Cocktails in transit are pricey and unnecessary.  They just add on calories, cost and dehydration.  Save your cash and buy a great bottle of wine for the price of one glass once you get to your final destination.  Unless of course it is an international flight and the wine is free to which I say cheers!!!

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  1. Liz says:

    ahahaha, the Gatwick overnight construction jackhammer calamity was the worst ever!!!! Excellent tips, thanks Vanessa!

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