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3 Natural DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

3 Natural DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

I can’t think of a better remedy for fighting the blues than soaking in some sunshine, getting sandy and salty at the beach and spending time with good friends.  And that is just how I spent my Sunday.  Oh how

Summer DIY Projects

summer diy project

With my husband leaving for deployment this summer, I am planning on keeping myself sane by staying busy with plenty of projects.  On my list so far are starting a cleanse, juicing, surfing, taking some courses through Coursera, reconnecting with

Tips for Having an Eco-Friendly July 4th!

tips for an eco-friendly july 4th

We are only one week away from one of my favorite holidays of the year, the Fourth of July!  I love everything about this celebration starting with spending the day at the beach to BBQing with good friends and family

Seasonal Produce Calendar: Summer DIY Face Masks

Seasonal produce diy face masks

Ever since I have started following the seasonal produce calendar, I have enjoyed planning my meals to include the fresh seasonal ingredients as well as saving money from of buying them in bulk.  I have also found that I am

DIY Projects for Awesome Backyard Entertainment!


Last Saturday Mark and I spent the day having a blast at our friends house celebrating their sons second birthday. They had food and games for the kids (and lets face it, the husbands) in the backyard complete with a

Project Nursery: Completed with Pictures!!


Monday was the official day that I turned 36 weeks and with my due date on July 1st, I spent last night reflecting back on my journey (yes for all of you who have not had any children yet, pregnancy

12 Tips to Make Your Office More Eco-friendly and Efficient

12 Tips to Make your Office more Eco-friendly and Efficient

Three years ago I started on my quest to find a more sustainable way of living by becoming certified as a Green Business Consultant.  My goal was to help businesses become more environmentally-friendly and efficient.  I found the concept fascinating

Home Makeover: Beach Bungalow on a Budget

Home Makeover: Beach Bungalow on a Budget

Every year around this time I get the urge to redecorate my home to match my mood of excited anticipation at the approach of summer!  This combined with my HGTV obsession has had me searching for the perfect color scheme

DIY Lipstick, Lip gloss, and Lip stain for Less


One of my favorite things to do in Spring and Summer is to play around with different lip colors.  I have already purchased 3 new lip glosses in a variety of pinks and corals and still have a ton of

3 Simple Steps to Start Composting

Simple steps to start composting

Today I have decided to finally start a project that I have long been putting off, that of composting!  There are many reasons I am excited to begin this endeavor starting with saving money on soil for my garden, saving

Save Money Creatively: DIY Party Decorations

DIY Party Decorations

Tomorrow is May Day which for me always signals the start of many momentous occasions to celebrate!  This month alone is host to the Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day as well as a series of

Project Nursery: Tips to save you time and money on DIY Repurposed Furniture

Before and After=Wow

The last time I touched base on Project Nursery was week 20 of my pregnancy and now that I am almost done with this fun but challenging project at week 30, I feel compelled to share the time and money

3 Natural Ways to get Beachy Blond Highlights

3 Natural Ways to get Beachy Blond Highlights

For over a decade I have indulged in treating my hair to bright beautiful highlights painted on in stylish beauty salons.  I enjoy pampering myself with these occasions and always wind up involuntarily purring with pleasure during the scalp massage

Save Money and Reduce Waste: Upcycle DIY Ideas

photo (44)

One of my favorite new hobbies was born when an old bad habit was transformed into a creative outlet.  I no longer consider myself a pack rat but a proud designer of new objects that allow me to save money

Guide to Green Spring Cleaning and Savings

Natural Ingredients for homemade cleaners

With the arrival of the bubs coming up fast, and so many preparations to still get to, I feel like lately all I ever do is clean. I am trying to be extra cautious as I clean the surfaces in

DIY 3 Ingredient All Natural Lotion Bars


This past month I have officially entered into the nesting phase of my pregnancy and have spent most of my time painting furniture, organizing the house, and prepping the nursery. Due to this new found love for painting and the

Video Tutorials: Repurpose Furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


With only 3 months left of my pregnancy, time is quickly running out on prepping the nursery. I have ordered most of the key pieces in my nursery and before they get delivered I am on a mission to paint

DIY Guide to Natural Easter Egg Dye and Garden Imprints

Photo from Rosalind Creasy

With Easter fast approaching I have been skimming my favorite blogs and sites to come up with some good DIY natural Easter egg dye recipes for this Sunday. I figure this will be the perfect year to practice considering the

3 Simple DIY Hair Remedies

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.00.26 AM

My hair and I are like an old crotchety married couple, even though we live in the same place, we rarely listen to one another and one always gets their way. In this case the dominant party would be my

DIY Anti-Aging and Acne Fighting Home Remedies


When I first got pregnant I had a range of side effects from the influx of estrogen and they were mostly manifesting on my skin. I experienced some serious bouts of teenage acne and the worst part was that I