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Mental Cleanse Challenge: Keep Calm and Enjoy the Green Grass

Mental Cleanse Challenge

I’m sure many of you are like me.  I wake up in the morning, stagger into the kitchen half asleep and turn the coffee pot on, pop some frozen waffles into the toaster ( I’m severely addicted to Kashi’s wholegrain

5 Free Apps to Help you Eat Healthier and Get Fit

5 Free Health Apps

I can’t believe it has already been a little over a year that I have been married and I still feel fresh in that honeymoon stage!  I am very happy about this fact except for one thing: I have been

Body and Mind: Health Benefits of Surfing

body and mind: health benefits of surfing

I am extremely excited to announce that today I am taking the plunge and committing to mastering a sport that I have long admired…surfing!  And I couldn’t think of a better day for my board to be delivered as the

Pocket Size Personal Trainer: Fitness Buddy


This year, since my husband and I are now responsible for a new mortgage and are planning for a baby we are much more conscientious about spending on the extravagant luxuries like gym memberships and training sessions. We have downsized

Health and Fitness Gadgets: the new personal trainer


Every year, right around the second week of January, I become a total geek in anticipation of all the new gadgets coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show. This year was no exception with technological advances debuting everything from OLED and

Charity Miles: Earn money for charity per mile

Biking on the beach

Need extra motivation to keep those decadent desserts and delicious treats off you this holiday season?  Want to help others in need get help over the holidays?  Here’s an excellent and easy solution that will inspire you to get fit