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Tough Natural Remedies for the Cold and Flu


Every year around this time, without fail, I catch whatever cold, flu, sinusitis, strep throat , etc.. that’s out there. No matter what I do to keep myself well hydrated, vitamin efficient and bundled up I can’t seem to avoid

Natural Remedies to Soothe a Sunburn

natural remedies to soothe a sunburn

This weekend we were blessed with the most spectacular sunny weather after a series of storms that held us hostage indoors for the previous week.  I happily packed up my beach bag, lathered myself with SPF 30 from head to

4 Lesser Known Health Benefits of Massage

Mark feeling very relaxed!

They say that you cannot put a price on happiness but I think my sister got pretty close when she treated me to a 75 minute prenatal massage yesterday. I have been experiencing a whole new array of lower back

Bee Healthier: Honey Remedies ranging from Heart Disease to Hangovers


One of the more exciting perks of being pregnant is that I don’t have to watch my calorie count quite as closely as I usually do. This has led to the occasional whole milk decaf latte, real creamer in my

Natural ways to increase your ZZZZZ’s

meand roo

For as long as I can remember, getting a good nights sleep has always been an issue for me. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a full-blown insomniac but sleeping through the night has always been a challenge. My sleep cycles

5 Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness


 As most of you know, last week I announced that I was pregnant with my first child and I absolutely could not be more excited. I was never one of those women who always knew they were destined to become

3 Simple DIY Natural Hydrating Face Masks


With the temperature dropping twenty degrees in just a matter of days, my skin feels so dry and tight I fear it might tear.  This combined with post-holiday dehydration and sleep deprivation and I am definitely feeling the need to