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April: Top 5 picks for Natural Beauty and Skincare Products that Work!


This morning I was reading a great article on the Broke Girls Guide “10 under $10: Our Favorite Natural Beauty Products” and it inspired me to share some of my own findings this month. In April, I have been extremely

Kate’s very natural postpartum bump


I am sure, by now, everyone including myself has had there fill of news covering the birth of the royal baby but after reading a particular article on the MNN site I felt inspired to recognize the significance of Kate’s

3 Natural DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

3 Natural DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

I can’t think of a better remedy for fighting the blues than soaking in some sunshine, getting sandy and salty at the beach and spending time with good friends.  And that is just how I spent my Sunday.  Oh how

Seasonal Produce Calendar: Summer DIY Face Masks

Seasonal produce diy face masks

Ever since I have started following the seasonal produce calendar, I have enjoyed planning my meals to include the fresh seasonal ingredients as well as saving money from of buying them in bulk.  I have also found that I am

May Eco-Friendly Beauty Pick: Making the Switch to Synthetic Makeup Brushes!

Eric Krebs Photography

Each month I am slowly but surely switching out all my old beauty products with ones that are more eco-friendly and better for my health. Last month, in my top 5 picks for April, I found a great all natural

Myths and Tips about SPF


Now that I am in my 30’s and am definitely seeing a few lines here and there on my face, I take sunscreen a lot more seriously. I am pretty religious about my application of 50 face sunscreen everyday but,

3 Natural Ways to get Beachy Blond Highlights

3 Natural Ways to get Beachy Blond Highlights

For over a decade I have indulged in treating my hair to bright beautiful highlights painted on in stylish beauty salons.  I enjoy pampering myself with these occasions and always wind up involuntarily purring with pleasure during the scalp massage

Tips from the Pros: Interview with esthetician Elizabeth Herter

Elizabeth Herter

Today’s post is an interview with esthetician, Elizabeth Herter, from The Brow Bar at Clip Art Salon. Elizabeth has completely transformed my brows and her consistent 5 star ratings on Yelp from her adoring clientele are a true testament to