Healthy Eating Part 1: Follow the Seasonal Produce Calendar

Pumpkins in Fall

For the last 5 1/2 months my eating habits have been all over the place. When I first got pregnant, I opted for any food that I could keep down.  This consisted mostly of scrambled eggs, toast, and butter noodles. My mom is a nurse and she told me to stick to what they call the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.) These are four foods, in particular, that are nice and bland, easy to digest, and have a slight binding effect so they are good if you are suffering from the flu, queasiness, or morning sickness. That lasted for about the first 3 months and this last 2 have been completely dictated by my crazy cravings of anything from midday Thai food to Mexican takeout 3 nights in a row. I blame it on the bubs but is it really him or is it mommy’s new excuse to cruise around town like the Tasmanian devil leaving nothing but wrappers in her wake?

Either way, I have decided to take back the reins on this wild culinary adventure so I don’t end up having to spend the next year on juice diet just to fit into my wardrobe again! I have thought about a ton of different approaches and I know that my old tricks won’t work because I am still thinking for 2 and want to be eating healthy for him as well as myself. There are many dietary needs of a pregnant woman that I will definitely cover on the next article of “Healthy Eating” but today I wanted to just focus on the basics. It is an approach I have chosen in the past, but never so diligently, and that is to eat clean, shop locally and eat seasonally. I am usually pretty good about going weekly to farmer’s markets for my produce but I am bad at knowing what is in season and pre-planning recipes so that I am not over-buying perishables. My plan now is to map out my upcoming week of eating, pre-plan my recipes, and shop accordingly.

I have been researching eating seasonally and, in a nutshell, the benefit is getting the most nutritional and delicious bang for your buck. Seasonal food is less expensive and more nutritious so I figure with a little education, I will be able to take full advantage! I have started a Seasonal Eating Pinterest Board which I have added some good charts for the best fruits and veggies found by month and would also like to start pinning recipes. If anyone is already practicing this discipline, please leave recipes or tips in the comments section! I would appreciate the extra motivation and help and would love to add them to the board! Valen :)

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