DIY Projects for Awesome Backyard Entertainment!


Last Saturday Mark and I spent the day having a blast at our friends house celebrating their sons second birthday. They had food and games for the kids (and lets face it, the husbands) in the backyard complete with a kiddie pool, water toys, and ball/throw set up that provided a full afternoon of entertainment. I have come to realize that this is my new definition of a great weekend pool party instead of the trendy hotel pool parties complete with a DJ and overpriced drinks I loved in my twenties. I know I am getting old.

This will also be the first full summer Mark and I will spend in our new house complete with its own backyard so I felt inspired to get started on some fun and affordable projects to turn my own space into the ultimate in fun and entertainment. I stumbled across A LOT of great DIY projects that seemed fairly doable and wanted to share a few of them with you! Please let me know if you have any other great DIY summer ideas to transform your backyard space!

Image: Giverslog


Create a Backyard Movie Theater:



Image: Sunset


Create Backyard Scrabble:

Click for Instructions









Image: Curbly


Create a PVC Kid Sprinkler:



Image: Garden Drama


Create a Marble Masterpiece in your Fence:

Click for Instructions

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