Green Product Review: iSolar Backup Charger

isolar backup review

I happened to stumble upon this product when I was visiting a dear friend in Traverse City, Michigan and I will admit I wasn’t sure how well it would work.  Upon returning to Florida, we happened to be graced with a few days of sunny skies and I placed the iSolar Backup Charger device on my windowsill to charge.  Within the first day the red light was on which signaled it was ready to go and I threw it in my purse as I ran out the door for a long day of errands and appointments.  My phone was about to die and I do not have a car charger so it was the perfect situation to try it.  And I was so pleasantly surprised!

All I had to do was use my iPhone connector cord and plug it into the device and it charged in my purse throughout the whole day!  And in between stops I threw it on my dashboard to recharge in the sun.  It was so simple.  And the device itself is smaller than my iPhone so it didn’t take up much space at all.  And it is so sleek looking!

The company claims that it can charge a device from fully depleted to 40% power with 3 hours of solar charging.  You can also plug it in and charge it with your computer in case the sun is nowhere to be found.  I admit I used my phone a lot that day even while it was charging and it worked great for the five hours I was out and about.  I was using Pandora in my car, GPS, texting, emailing and several phone calls.  I definitely put it through the test and it passed in my book.

I wish I would have had one of these in my days of being a sales rep on the road.  So many times I was stuck in a hospital waiting for cases to start with my phone on its last leg.  This would have been a perfect solution for my unpredictable schedule scenarios.

Eco-Criteria:  Portable rechargeable battery, 100% natural bamboo (which is a sustainable natural resource).

Favorite features:  Convenient, easy to use, small size, sleek design, can recharge on the go, great for travel.

Not so hot:  Cost is around $31 but that is comparable to a normal charger.  And you are saving on electricity in the long run.

Bottom line:  Next time I need a new charger, I would definitely buy another one of these!


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