Healthy Dessert Recipes: Sweet October Treats


I have always loved October.  I think it is because it begins with my birthday followed by Vallee’s birthday in the middle and then ends with a holiday celebrated with endless amounts of sugar.  My sweet tooth is always supremely satisfied after a binge on birthday cake and Halloween treats.  However, this month always sets in motion the downward spiral of holiday gluttony that inevitably results in unwelcome weight gain and the malaise that comes with eating all of that refined sugar.

So, in an attempt to start the season off right, I have collected some recipes that will cater to my cravings without leaving me on the floor after crashing from my sugar high.  I have decided to try and make it a fun challenge and hopefully discover a few go to treats that I can continue to use when I’m feeling extra sweet.  These would also be great to make if you are hosting a Halloween haunt of your own!  And of course, I found most of them on my beloved Pinterest and have created a healthy sweet October treats board for you to follow if you like!

Here are a few that I am dying to try so far!

Salted Cookie Crust Chocolate Mousse Pie (courtesy of Mix It Up)

This healthy recipe uses ingredients such as rolled oats, coconut oil, tofu and applesauce to sweeten this decadent looking slice of heaven!

Blueberry Tartlettes (courtesy of A Couple Cooks)

These treats are made with blueberries, vanilla extract, salt, greek yogurt, honey, dates, almonds and mint leaves.  Sounds refreshingly healthy and sweet!

Raw Cocoa Dessert Truffles (courtesy of Haute + Healthy)

These truffles only take 4 ingredients and 5 minutes start to finish!  Made from dates, cocoa powder, coconut oil and almonds.

Pear Blueberry Crumble (courtesy of Simply Delicious)

With pears in season, this is a perfect recipe for dessert!  I plan to top this warm dish with frozen greek yogurt and honey!

I am extremely excited to try my hand at these and will report back to let you know which ones were my faves!

Do you have any healthy treats I should try and add to my recipe list?

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