Kayden’s 9 month schedule


I don’t know about you, but I am constantly asking mom’s at the park what kind of schedule their baby is on. As a new mom I am always wondering if what Kayden is doing, eating, and sleeping, is normal and since every other week seems to bring a new tooth that messes up nap time or a daylight savings switch-a-roo that throws a cog in the whole routine, I never know. So I’m going to post Kaydens schedule for 9 months this week, then 6 months next week, then 3 months. Please feel free to post your babies schedule because I know us new moms appreciate any feedback we can get!! These were instructions for his grandparents when we took a vacation, which was actually very successful and can be done!


Kayden’s Daily Schedule 9 months

Wake6:30-7:00 am- He will stir and amuse himself for a bit

Out of Bed7:00 am- I go get him up to keep him on his schedule

Formula: 7:15 am- 8oz bottle formula

Play7:45- 8:45 am- This is usually when he is content playing with his toys/ bouncer/ activity table

Solids: 8:45 am- I will give him a pouch of fruity breakfast and sometimes add in some oatmeal if the food is looking kind of thin or if he seems really hungry.

Put in crib: 9:20am- Even if he doesn’t seem all that tired he is used to going in his crib and then soothing himself to sleep by 9:30 am.

Morning Nap: 9:30- 11:00- Very often he will stir after 45 minutes, that is just a sleep cycle and he will go back to sleep.

Formula: 11:15 am- 8oz bottle

Play: 11:30 am -1:00pm- This is usually when I will take him out of the house and go for walks or to the park. He loves getting outside and exploring. He is just about fully crawling now and loves the swing, pulling himself up on jungle gym, and watching the big kids play.

Solids: 1:00pm- I give him a light pouch and cut up cheese or chicken too.

Wind down and play: 1:30-215pm: We do activities that aren’t super stimulating so that he can start to get in sleepy mode. Toys, books, he also loves houshold items that are safe (measuring cups, hair brush, spoons)

Put in crib: 2:20pm Even if he doesn’t seem all that tired he is used to going in his crib and then soothing himself to sleep by 2:30 pm.

Afternoon Nap: 2:30- 4:00pm- The 45 minute stir will happen here too so the same advice applies. I wouldn’t go in to get him until at least 3:45 unless he is making a real fuss. On that same note I would also not let him sleep past 4:15 or he will be hard to get down at bedtime.

Play: 4:00- 5:00pm- Play with toys/ bouncer/ activity table

Formula: 5:00 pm- 8oz bottle

Play5:30- 6:00 pm- Play with toys/ bouncer/ activity table or walk or park

Wind down: 6:00-7:00 pm During this time when I am feeding him and giving him a bath I keep it pretty quiet. I will usually put on the White Noise (relaxing spa music) channel on the Pandora App on my phone or ipad just so he gets in a relaxed mood.

Solids: 6:00pm- I usually give him something more veggie or a meat blend just to keep his diet balanced. I will also give him his green and blue sippy cup throughout the meal. Most of the time you have to tip it up for him.

Bath: 6:15pm- Bath

**** Sometimes he tries to stand up in the tub and I just gently encourage him not to.

Ready for Bed: 6:30- I will get him all lotioned, changed, and put in a nighty, and put him in the sleep sack before I give him his last bottle so that I can just put him right down after his last bottle without having to fuss with him too much.

Formula: 6:45 pm- 8oz bottle (Add 2.5 ml of tylenol if he is in really bad tooth pain)

Bed: 7:00pm

****It usually takes him about 10-15 minutes to go sleep and sometimes his tooth pain is really bad so he lets out loud shrieks. I just rub his back and soothingly shhhhh him.
****He will almost always roll straight on his tummy and that is ok now that he has head control and a strong upper body. He also nudges his head into the corner of the crib so if you see this don’t be alarmed I think he is comforted by it.

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