Natural Remedies that kept me stretch mark free during pregnancy!


One of my biggest fears when first learning of my pregnancy back in October was the dreaded arrival of stretch marks. I read a ton of articles and researched every miracle cream on the market and I am proud to report, now that the bubs is here, that I did not get a single one.

I am not sure if it was the mixed cocktail of natural ingredients I put on every night or just sheer luck or genetics but I figured I would share what I found on my quest to keep clear skin. Pregnancy is hard enough  with the hormone changes, weight gain, frequent bathroom trips and limited clothing options that the last thing you need is to be lathering a bunch of greasy and ineffective goop on your belly night after night.

Below I have highlighted natural products and strategies that I think really assisted in the elasticity of my skin. This is completely a personal opinion and experience and may not work for everyone so please list your personal favorites in the comments section!


Follow a prenatal nutrition plan: Following a pregnancy nutrition and diet plan can be key to not only helping with stretch marks but also assisting with morning sickness. The foods you choose to eat can help with skin elasticity while also making sure the little one is getting all the nutrients he needs.

Consistent Exercise: It is very tempting to shrug off your workout routine during pregnancy but toning muscles will allow your skin to firm up and will also help with labor and delivery.

Stay Hydrated: Moisturizing is a key factor to avoiding stretch marks but hydration starts from the inside out. Well-hydrated skin is not only more pliable than dehydrated skin, it’s also less prone to stretch marks. Eliminate any beverages that contribute to dehydration such as caffeine and sugary drinks.

Products I love:

LUSH Therapy massage lotion bar: This is my ultimate favorite product for stretch marks, not only because it is handmade and Eco-friendly but it is packed with cocoa butter and shea butter as well. This bar also mixes lavender and neroli giving it a citrus scent instead of the really chocolate aroma many of the cocoa butter lotions have.

At $10.95 a bar it is also one of the best priced stretch mark remedies on the market. I also loved the fact that it was in bar form which, for me, meant a more controlled and accurate application.

Vitamin E OilAlthough this is commonly recommended in most articles for help with scars, it is also amazing for the prevention of stretch marks because it highly promotes skin elasticity.

Nightly regimen: Layer the LUSH Therapy bar and the Vitamin E Oil on areas of concern. To take away greasy feel and add a beautiful jasmine smell add LUSH Silky Underwear dusting power which is actually just another layer of grated Cocoa butter.  Good luck and enjoy!






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