Project Nursery: Completed with Pictures!!


Monday was the official day that I turned 36 weeks and with my due date on July 1st, I spent last night reflecting back on my journey (yes for all of you who have not had any children yet, pregnancy is actually 40 weeks, don’t ask). I was amazed that just back in February I kicked off my first post about starting Project Nursery and now after many hours of planning, painting, organizing, and sticking up some seriously challenging decals it is finally complete! We are so excited with the way it turned out and cant wait to show it to our newest tiny roommate when he gets out! :)

I was very pleased that we were able to stick to our guns and save as much money as possible by repurposing old furniture to work in the new space. I am now confident that anytime a large furniture purchase presents itself in the future I will be able to reuse quality consignment furniture and give it a new life. In the case where we could not reuse furniture, such as the crib because of new regulations and possible recalls, we supported great brands like, Young America, who make all their furniture right here in Robbinsville, USA. We were also able to, with the help of our wonderful and very generous family and friends, go very eco-friendly with all types of organic clothing, bedding, and carriers. With a bit of extra pre-planning and a little hard labor we were able to achieve the nursery of our, or I should say his, dreams in the sustainable guidelines that we strived for!

The Completed Hutch!


5 Responses to Project Nursery: Completed with Pictures!!

  1. Kara says:

    Your room is ready baby boy, you can come now! HeHeHe. Val the room looks beautiful. Still can’t believe what a good deal you got on the changing table/dresser. You did an amazing job redoing it. Everything looks great. I’m so excited for his arrival, can’t wait to meet him.

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much Kara, that is exactly how I am feeling right now! I am ready as I will ever be! I saw pictures of Jaxx at his first day of preschool! Cant believe how the time is flying! :)

  2. Chelsea Asay says:

    Adorable, Valen! I love the colors, theme and the bureau is gorgeous! It is such an exciting time…wishing you, Mark and the little bubs the very best!

  3. Kathryn says:

    It’s so beautiful! It looks comfy and cozy too… Can’t wait to see photos of the little one IN the nursery! xo

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