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Tough Natural Remedies for the Cold and Flu


Every year around this time, without fail, I catch whatever cold, flu, sinusitis, strep throat , etc.. that’s out there. No matter what I do to keep myself well hydrated, vitamin efficient and bundled up I can’t seem to avoid

A fresh start with the 3 Day Suja Juice Cleanse

Suja 3 Day Fresh Start Juicing Program

Everyone, especially new moms, knows how hard it is to lose five pounds, no less the LAST five pounds lingering around your waist, thighs or other problem areas. Whether you are going on a trip with your hubby to tropical place,

Seasonal Produce Calendar: September Grocery List & Recipes

Seasonal Produce Calendar: September Shopping List & Recipes

I have just returned from a wonderful and well-needed month of visiting friends, family and their sweet new babies!  It was the perfect way to end the summer and although it was definitely difficult to say goodbye, I am ready

Kayden’s 4 Month Schedule

photo 4

I recently had a friend with a young baby ask me for Kayden’s routine at around 4 months so I figured I would combine the 3 and 6 month scheduled and go for the 4 month. Now when I read over it, it feels

Benefits of Flaxseed: Why You Should Choose this Fish-free Omega 3

benefits of flaxseed: why you should choose these fish free omega 3s

I feel like every day we are bombarded by news on the newest dietary supplement or must have meal replacements and it only gets harder and harder to follow.  It’s like trying to keep up with which Kardashian is getting

June Seasonal Eating Grocery List and Recipe


The combination of my ever decreasing stamina (thanks bubs) and my concrete commitment to eating healthy for 2 has made my grocery store visits a much more organized task than in the past. I have found over the last 5

Organic Meat vs Non-Organic: Decoding the Danger Behind the Labels

USDA Organic Meat

Over the years of my trials and tribulations on finding a healthy diet regime that fits my taste and lifestyle, there has always been one consistent conclusion that I have found in every food plan.  That is to eat as

April: Top 5 picks for Natural Beauty and Skincare Products that Work!


This morning I was reading a great article on the Broke Girls Guide “10 under $10: Our Favorite Natural Beauty Products” and it inspired me to share some of my own findings this month. In April, I have been extremely

Kayden’s 9 month schedule


I don’t know about you, but I am constantly asking mom’s at the park what kind of schedule their baby is on. As a new mom I am always wondering if what Kayden is doing, eating, and sleeping, is normal

2014 Update from The Sustainable Spot


So excited to bring you news from the Sustainable Spot family!  2014 has been both wonderful and challenging so far and so we wanted to quickly fill you in on the fam! First off, Kayden is now a whopping 21lbs

Losing the baby weight the healthy way

photo 1(1)

For any of you that know me, you have probably witnessed, at one time or another, an infamous crash diet or exercise binge I just had to try in order to get that 5-10 lbs off. I have tried everything

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

healthy thanksgiving recipes

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us and Thanksgiving is only a week away!  I have so incredibly much to be grateful for this year and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world

Holiday Cheat Sheet: Recycling Resource Guide

holiday recycle

My Thursdays always begin with the wonderful weekly ritual of sprinting out of bed at 5 am to take out the trash and recycling as I race to beat the garbage truck to my curb.  This morning was a success

My Top 5 New Mom Tips


In exactly 4 days Kayden James Lindner will be 5 months old and I truly cannot believe it! When my mom used to tell me how “time flies” and reminisce about how “I remember when you were … and you

Healthy Dessert Recipes: Sweet October Treats


I have always loved October.  I think it is because it begins with my birthday followed by Vallee’s birthday in the middle and then ends with a holiday celebrated with endless amounts of sugar.  My sweet tooth is always supremely

Mental Cleanse Challenge: Keep Calm and Enjoy the Green Grass

Mental Cleanse Challenge

I’m sure many of you are like me.  I wake up in the morning, stagger into the kitchen half asleep and turn the coffee pot on, pop some frozen waffles into the toaster ( I’m severely addicted to Kashi’s wholegrain

3 Simple Healthy Appetizer Recipes Fit for Foodies

3 Simple Healthy Appetizers Fit for Foodies

This weekend was a special treat for me as I was lucky enough to spend it with one of my most dear friends and her beautiful family on a crystal clear lake in Michigan.  It was lovely.  I got to

Kate’s very natural postpartum bump


I am sure, by now, everyone including myself has had there fill of news covering the birth of the royal baby but after reading a particular article on the MNN site I felt inspired to recognize the significance of Kate’s

3 Natural DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

3 Natural DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

I can’t think of a better remedy for fighting the blues than soaking in some sunshine, getting sandy and salty at the beach and spending time with good friends.  And that is just how I spent my Sunday.  Oh how

Natural Remedies that kept me stretch mark free during pregnancy!


One of my biggest fears when first learning of my pregnancy back in October was the dreaded arrival of stretch marks. I read a ton of articles and researched every miracle cream on the market and I am proud to