Green Beauty Product Review: EcoTools

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Are you a budget savvy girl trying to find eco-friendly products at the supermarket?  You are in for a treat because today marks the day I begin the reviews of my favorite products that will help you save green on both fronts!

To start off the list will be one of my very first green purchases I found in the cosmetics section of the CVS I frequent all too often.  My eco-friendly makeup brushes made by EcoTools first caught my eye several years ago and with routine maintenance and cleanings I am happy to report they are still in mint condition!

I have the 6 piece Bamboo brush set which includes brushes for blush, eye shading, eyeliner, concealer and brows and comes in a convenient roll up case made from hemp and cotton.  The case also has a zipper compartment to hold my eyeshadows and blushes.

Eco-Criteria:  These brushes are made from recycled resources (recycled aluminum), sustainable materials (bamboo) and alternatives to animal products (synthetic taklon) making them cruelty-free and eco-friendly.  And they are packaged with recycled materials.  A win-win-win!  And on top of it all, the company donates money to support the Ocean Conservancy, Jane Goodall Institute and the Conservation Fund.

Favorite features:   The ultra-soft bristles, convenient carrying case and long-lasting durability.  And this entire kit clocks in at $12.99 which is less than one brush at the MAC counter while being eco-conscious at the same time!

Not so hot:  They are not the most colorful or glamorous of makeup accessories.  The brush handles and the bag are a neutral beigish sort of color but I find that elegant and classic in its own way.  And no toxic dyes were used just to jazz up my makeup bag!

So if you enjoy a simple solution to your makeup application needs that is a win for your wallet and the environment, EcoTools may just be the perfect answer for you.

Bottom Line:  I give it two green thumbs up!!!


5 Responses to Green Beauty Product Review: EcoTools

  1. S says:

    Just what I need… and I happen to have $5.00 free bucks for CVS!!!

  2. Chelsea Asay says:

    Great article! I’m sold! My sister is looking for good brushes…I’ll get them for her. Thanks girl!

  3. Kathryn says:

    Good to know… I need new brushes! Mine need to be taken out back and shot.

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